Four Natural Home Remedies For Cold

A viral infection of the nose and throat  (upper respiratory tract) causes the common cold. Despite how it may seem, it is typically harmless. A common cold can be brought on by a variety of viruses. Two to three colds a year are normal for healthy persons. Colds may occur considerably more frequently in infants and young children.

One of the most unpleasant signs of the common cold is a runny nose. There are thankfully many natural and homemade cures to try. 

1. Having a Hot Drink

A well-known, conventional treatment for a cold is a hot beverage. Actually, this at-home remedy has some scientific support. Drinking hot liquids helped to lessen the signs of a cold, according to a 2009 study that was published in Rhinology.

Although the study also noticed a bodily response, it speculated that the effect might be primarily psychological. It's possible that the hot beverage activated a nerve that controls the mouth and nose, which would explain why cold symptoms subsided.

2. Having a Hot Bath

While taking a hot bath, one might probably reap some of the advantages of steam inhalation. While relaxing the body's muscles, lying in a hot bath will inevitably result in some steam inhalation and eventually take out the cold.

3. Hot Steam Inhalation

Although there are several techniques to execute a hot steam inhalation, the fundamental concept remains the same. A person leans over boiling water, adds herbs or essential oils, and inhales the vapor. A 2015 study examined the effectiveness of steam inhalations with various additions to alleviate cold symptoms. It was published in the Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences.

According to the study, inhalations helped symptoms disappear more quickly and efficiently than they would without them.

4. Blow Your Nose

Instead of sneezing mucous back into your head, just blow your nose. But make sure you approach it correctly. If you blow forcefully, you'll transfer phlegm that is contaminated back into your ear canals, which may result in an earache.

Which approach is best? While you softly blow to clean the other nostril, press a finger over the other.

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