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We are here today to help ourselves with some basic foods that can help the liver to fight against its diseases including hepatitis B.

The liver is a powerhouse of an organ.

It performs a variety of essential tasks, ranging from producing proteins, cholesterol, and bile to storing vitamins, minerals, and even carbohydrates.

It also breaks down toxins like alcohol, medications, and natural byproducts of metabolism. Keeping your liver in good shape is important for maintaining health.

Make it a habit to start your day with a plate of good old oatmeal. Add dry fruit, walnuts and honey for better taste and even more health benefits. Such healthy breakfast will lower your blood sugar, improve digestion, give you energy and make you feel full for many hours.

Include cultured dairy products into your daily food intake. Those are for example yogurt, buttermilk, etc. They improve digestion, remove fats from our body, and therefore improve liver function as well. Eat 1 cup of yogurts a day as snack. It will ensure your liver health and also help you lose extra weight.

Including vegetables and fruits is essential for any healthy diet. They are both delicious and nutritious providing us with vitamins, minerals, and energy. But certain vegetable can also improve our liver function and are great for preventative diet for fatty liver such as carrots, bell peppers, pumpkin, tomatoes (fresh), oranges, lemons, grapefruits, etc. So make sure you eat these fruits and vegetables regularly.

To prevent fatty liver disease eat few tablespoons of honey and cranberry jam every day. This jam is easy to make, very yummy and full of health benefits. To prepare it simply combine 1 cup of fresh cranberries with 1 cup of honey. You may eat it as is, or spread it over the toast or add it to our tea.
Warning: this jam is not recommended for those who have diabetes or gastrointestinal problems.

Get into habit of having few vegetarian days every week. During those days eat vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and dairy. Avoid fatty meats, cheeses, butter, eggs, bacon, burgers, cakes, etc.
This trick will take a load off your liver, cleanse your body and will help you to get rid of extra pounds. And it is not hard to do especially when you know that it is only for one day.

As always: drink plenty of water (at least 8-10 cups a day). It is best to drink water in between your meals and choose good quality spring water for this purpose.

Eat small frequent meals. Usually it is best to have 5 meals a day with 3 larger meals such as breakfast lunch and dinner and 2 smaller ones (as we called them – snacks). Of course you should adjust this rule to your personal lifestyle. Just make sure you have at least 4 meals a day.

Fatty liver disease can be caused by parasites as a result of bad quality foods and poor personal hygiene. Make sure all animal products that you consume are clean and hygienic. Thoroughly wash your fruits, vegetables before you eat them. Avoid eating raw chicken eggs, and uncooked meats.

Alcohol is perhaps the biggest liver enemy – it permanently destroys liver cells and frequent alcohol intake may lead to very serious liver conditions. Try avoiding alcohol.

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