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Today we are looking at UNRIPE PLANTAIN. It might be true that you eat plantain as food but you haven't heard the medicinal side of this stuff. Let's all begin to study closely and discover the top 8 benefits of UNRIPE plantain to your health. 

Plantain, which is otherwise known as cooking banana, is a common food in Western African countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, and Ghana. While much emphasis is placed on the health benefits of ripe plantain, little is known about unripe plantain (Musa paradisiaca), which equally has immense health benefits. 

Unripe plantain is regarded as green plantain by some and serves as a source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, and antioxidants.

Apart from the enjoyment, you will derive from eating unripe plantain as a meal, it equally comes with a good number of health benefits, which we will be exploring below.

1. It helps to manage diabetes

The level of sugar available in an unripe plantain is very low when compared to that of a ripe plantain, which therefore makes it an ideal meal for diabetics.

2. It helps to boost libido

This is another immense benefit of an unripe plantain. You can improve your sexual life simply by eating unripe plantains regularly. The vitamins and nutrients contained in unripe plantains help to increase your sexual desire and overall performance during intimacy. 

3. Good for pregnant women

Unripe plantains are very rich in calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, phosphorus, and magnesium. All these help the unborn child by ensuring proper growth and development of the baby while inside the stomach.

4. It helps cure stomach ulcers

One of the phytochemical properties contained in unripe plantain is leucocyanidin which helps to heal stomach ulcers. Apart from this, it also helps in protecting the walls of the intestine.

5. Helps in weight loss

If you are thinking about losing weight, then you may need to try out constant eating of unripe plantains before hitting the gym or opting for surgery. Unripe plantains are loaded with high resistant starch content, which greatly helps in weight loss.

6. It helps to prevent constipation

Quite a number of people find it difficult to pass stool (feces) due to piles. But with regular intake of unripe plantain, which is very rich in fiber, it will help to prevent constipation and make the passing of stool simple and easy.

7. It helps in the building of stronger bones and teeth

If you are intentional about making it stronger, then regular intake of unripe plantains may just be the answer to your problem. Unripe plantains are very rich in calcium, which helps to facilitate the building of stronger bones and teeth.

8. It is heart friendly

Unripe plantain is heart-friendly due to its richness in potassium, which helps to prevent heart attack and hypertension by controlling the heart rate in our body. 

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